November 19, 2012

Prop 37 In CA

I was sad to learn that prop 37 failed in California. I was really hoping that GMOs could finally be labelled in the US! Even though it was unsuccessful, there still is a major food movement that exists. People are wanting to know more about their food and know exactly what they are ingesting. Prop 37 raised awareness on an issue that most people didn't think about before. Another funny thing is that some people have begun to label GMOs themselves. (see this link)

I can only hope that people continue to wonder about their food, the sources of their food, and the treatment of the workers, animals, and plants that create the food. Hopefully a sustainable future is nearby and hopefully we can all learn a bit more about a process that we normally turn a blind eye to.

Did any of you hear about prop 37 before? If you are curious, here are a few link to look at:

Food and Safety News: Why Prop 37 Failed More info on what Prop 37 would have done

Voterguide: Compares Yes and No on Prop 37

CA Right to Info on Prop 37

The unfortunate thing about the US is that the major corporations are in our government and have enough money to contribute millions of dollars to persuade people away from not buying their products. Here is a breakdown of which companies contributed and which side they were on:

Who's funding prop 37? 

All in all, I urge people to read labels, know where their food came from, and try to reconnect with the food system. It could be as easy as visiting a farmers market, or growing your own food, or perhaps even visiting a farm. Keep your eyes and ears open, because I don't think this will be the last time that this issue makes noise.

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