January 7, 2012

Health and Food label lies

Americans seem to be obsessed with health. That may be a generalization, but the media has seemed to pick up on it quite well. There's exactly how many diets, diet pills, and slimming things now? I understand that health is important, but we become healthier through better life decisions and support from others who also need to be healthier. In fact, diets have been proven to work for while you are on them, but the weight returns once you stop the diet. Another diet problem is that you don't always get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you really should. For my own health, I have majorly increased my fruit and vegetable intake and reduced foods that I don't really need to eat (like desserts, excess snacks, etc.) I don't try to label foods as bad or good, but I do try to avoid prepackaged foods as much as possible. There are many problems with prepackaged foods that I could ramble on about for hours, but one thing to consider is the labeling.

In this article, Are You Falling for These Food Label Lies?, a few of the common misconceptions about certain label terms are looked into. Phrases like "trans fat free, all natural, and made with real fruit" are a few of the 10 phrases discussed. It amazes me what we will believe. This is why I have this blog, to let the readers know some info that they might not have known before. Everyone should know this information in order to make guided decisions about the food they are eating! We have walked so far from the farm that we are left with a bit of a mess. Our food system needs help, and it is the little decisions that can slowly change everything. Your money buying certain items is your "vote" for what type of food you want in the future. Less processed = healthier for your body. If you see one of these phrases, be sure to be wary!