December 10, 2011


I never knew that there were so many types of salt! I know that there is sea salt, table salt, seasoning salt,  and garlic salt, but I haven't ever explored beyond that realm. It turns out that there's many kinds of salt! If you are curious, this article goes over different types of salt and what you can use them for.

The salts identified are:

  • table salt
  • kosher salt
  • fleur de sel
  • sel gris
  • pink salt
  • black salt
  • flavored salts
  • smoked salts
Smoked salt? I didn't even know you could do that! I just thought it was interesting that there's such a wide range of salts and uses for it. Who would have known that salt could be used in so many ways?

There's also a video that goes along with the article. 
Please feel free to watch. Hope you all are enjoying the time of the year! :) Till next time!

November 6, 2011

Talking about Fat

I know this is a wee bit late, but I finally have the time to sit down and type this blog up. Today's topic is Fat. First all, here is a disclaimer for everyone reading this, I am not an expert in the topic and do not claim to be. I just want to inform people so that they will start to look at what they are eating a little more. With that said, let's move into the topic.

I believe that fat has become the target of some sort of fat crusade. It seems that everyone wants to avoid fat and there is a multitude of low fat products available. However, the low fat products aren't always as great as they seem. Have you ever taken a full fat product and compared it to a low fat version? Well, the full fat version tends to have less ingredients than the low fat versions. Next time you are at the store, do a comparison and see what I mean. Another weird thing is that while a product may be low fat, it also tends to have elevated sodium, chemicals, or something else. Honestly, why would we want to ingest more chemicals? I have compiled some articles that I think are worth a read.

  • In this next article "Difference between low-fat and full fat foods" the differences between full fat and low-fat foods are discussed. Definitely something to look at if you want more details than what I was able to provide. 

The next three articles deal with dairy foods, but they are great to look at to understand a bit about full fat foods.

  • "The health benefits of eating full-fat cheese" discusses some worries and benefits of eating full fat cheese (as you might have guessed from the title, haha).
  • "Milk… full fat or low fat?" discusses something beyond the fat content and has a study to back up the claims it makes.
  • "Yogurt" discusses all that you could ever want to know about yogurt, including the nutrients in low-fat yogurt. I didn't read the entire article, but skimming through the topics was really interesting because it varied so much. Honestly everything you could ever want to know about yogurt, including some ways to eat it! 
So, overall I am not against low-fat foods, because I grew up on many low fat foods. However, I am wary of them now, especially since the ingredients change so much between the low fat and the full fat foods. I am not trying to stab either side, just trying to raise the awareness of how different low-fat and full fat foods are.

I ask you to be aware of these differences, and to take it however you want. Just make sure to educate yourself and make your own decision on whether you want to keep eating full fat foods or low-fat. 

October 9, 2011

A little intro to this blog

So, this blog is something that won't be updated daily like my cooking blog. My goal for this blog is to blog once every 2-4 weeks on a variety of topics including (but not limited to) : measuring things, reading food labels, what is really in your food, food safety and sanitation, etc etc. That list there is really just a small sampler of the topics that I want to cover in this blog. Hopefully it will be every 2 weeks, perhaps more if I feel inspired. I hope that you stick around and learn a little because of this blog. Enjoy your Sunday and I hope that everyone has a great week! :)