February 19, 2012

Have you ever wondered...?

I used to wonder about food. Where did it come from? How many little farms did it take to make our food? When I watched the documentary Food Inc. I was shocked. If you haven't watched it, you really should. You can find it online, but it online, or even buy it from a store like Target. I really need to invest in my own copy of it. It isn't that I love the documentary (because it kind of scares me), but I know that more people need to see the film! Many of us have no idea where our food came from or what seeds/pesticides/herbicides/chemicals were used. Food Inc. is a documentary that exposes the food system for what it is. It has multiple interviews and discusses who really owns our food system. There is no better time than today to be informed! Go and watch it!

If you watch the movie and then want to know more, there is another documentary called The World According to Monsanto. If you click, you will be taken to the website to watch the documentary. This documentary is a fascinating movie to watch after Food Inc. Be an informed consumer and know more about your food than what it says on the label and fancy packaging. Go and watch! :)

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